Maui Deeksha

What is Deeksha?

Happiness. Peace. Clarity. Inspiration.

You can experience all of these more often
with a simple process called Deeksha,
a gentle placement of hands upon your head
by a skilled facilitator that helps shift your awareness
to a higher, calmer, more focused level.
It's quick, and there's no religion
or politics or selling involved.
People just feel better.
Connect to that which is most important to you.
Experience Deeksha.

Deeksha is a powerful energy, capable of shifting long established patterns and creating profound inner transformations.
Kiara Windrider

This is an extraordinary spiritual technology which actually works,
and which does have the potential to shift planetary consciousness.
Arjuna Ardagh

Spinning golden disks were rushing through my energy body and washed me inside out. After the Deeksha I was in a deeply relaxed state and saw little vignettes, stories of positive events in my life and other's lives.
Se'a Criss

Amazing how my smile grows and grows as the evening goes on. A "chronic" smile, if you will, comes over me and I am present. Deeksha brings out the joy, bliss and love that is in me.

What an amazing first time experience. Not knowing what to expect, the only word I have for now is intoxicating. Thank you for the introduction and for opening my mind to this experience.

It's an intensely powerful loving energy.
Patrick Wise

My friend Mark brought me to the Deeksha you had in Maui Meadows. Let me just say it was an awesome night and during those two hours I shook, I cried and I saw Sri Bagavan and Sri Amma before me and Sri Bagavan placed a dark brown beaded necklace over my head. My heart burst open and gentle tears flowed, followed by a very deep, peaceful meditation.
Sri Amma showed up again before I left Maui, when Mark and I were meditating in his kitchen ! I am now considering visiting the Oneness Center this year or next.
Thanks again for your dedication and sharing!

Pear seeds grow into pear trees
Hazel seeds into hazel trees
and God seeds into God.
Namaste' Om Om Om
Tyla Star

"The first time I felt a hole opening the top of my head and it was as
if all the liquid poured through. I was worried about finding work,
but in the meditation that followed I let it go. The next day I got a

"I saw a vision in meditation of an Indian man with pearly teeth. The
next day I was invited to deeksha. I saw his picture on the altar
[Bhagavan]. I started coming to deeksha and I love it--the energy
field is so pure."

"When the XTERRA race started and I was among the 500 participants, I felt peaceful and not at all nervous. I think this is because of the Deeksha I received."
Teresa Hill

"Thank you so much for opening your lovely home to the experience of Deeksha. I was amazed at the energy, and was so grateful for the experience. I WILL be back...will you be doing it again next Monday? I think...I know...that I want to go to India..."
CC, Oct '06